Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Institute Programme Advisory Committee (IPAC)

(constituted vide UO. 3004/AD A 7/2020/MGU dated 03.07.2020)

Academic activities of the Integrated programme will be monitored and evaluated by an Institute Programme Advisory Committee (IPAC) constituted by the Vice-Chancellor by including the faculty members from various science teaching schools. The IPAC will also function as the faculty council of the Institute.

  1. Prof. P. R. Biju (Honorary Director, IIRBS)
  2. Dr. S. Anas (Joint Director, IIRBS)
  3. Dr. Mahesh Mohan (Joint Director, IIRBS)
  4. Prof. K. Jayachandran (School of Biosciences)
  5. Dr. E. K. Radhakrishnan (School of Biosciences)
  6. Prof. Cyriac Joseph (School of Pure and Applied Physics)
  7. Prof. G. Anilkumar (School of Chemical Sciences)
  8. Prof. V. R. Bindu (School of Computer Sciences)
  9. Dr. Abdul Jabbar (School of Computer Sciences)
  10. Prof. K. R. Baiju (School of Environmental Sciences)