Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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A  knowledge  centre  comprising  a Sophisticated Instrumentation Facility, instructor-led classroom teaching and technology-enhanced learning techniques, the  first  of  this  kind among  the  universities in Kerala, namely the Institute  for  Integrated Programmes and Research  in  Basic Sciences  (IIRBS), has  been  instituted directly under Mahatma Gandhi University in 2008. The Institute aimed to provide intellectual, instrumental as well as experimental support for pursuing excellence in basic science branches and is expected to contribute to the talent pool of researchers and specialized technicians. The Institute launched  a Five-year Integrated  Interdisciplinary Master of Science (Chemistry, Physics and Biology) programmes in the year 2009 for the students who completed their plus 2 with sciences and mathematics.

Now, Mahatma Gandhi University is commencing innovative Five-Year integrated interdisciplinary Master of Science programmes in five major disciplines at IIRBS. This programme aims to integrate the conventional bachelor’s and master’s programmes under a specified learning experience by bringing together various science disciplines. The offered disciplines include  Chemistry,  Physics,   Life Sciences,  Computer Science  and Environmental Science. This five-year  integrated  programme  follows  a pattern  with  initial three years of undergraduate (B.Sc.)  level  Foundation courses followed by two years of Postgraduate (M.Sc.)  level Advanced courses. At the end of the programme, Integrated M.Sc. Degree will be awarded in the discipline concerned.

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